UK Government Enforces Latest Casino Laws

UK FlagThe regulation of online casinos has always been a concern for the UK’s government. They are worried about sites operating without proper licenses and duping customers into providing their banking details. From the start of November, the UK Parliament introduced strict laws that target the taxes paid by online casinos, change licensing requirements, and help protect consumers.

A lot of new online casinos have opened up in recent years, with many of them targeting customers in England, Scotland and Ireland. Casinos now have to provide full details about their licenses, which can be double checked by customers through an online database run by the UK’s Gambling Commission. This site shows all licenses held by each casino, which lets customers sort out legitimate sites from scams.

Licenses require heavy one off fees, along with renewal fees every year. In addition, these sites must provide evidence that their gambling action is being run in a fair and responsible manner. Independent auditing is conducted on all licensed sites to show their payout rates. New measures have been put into place to help sites deal with players who may have a gambling addiction.

Online sites are not happy about many of the laws, but the government is not concerned about that. Their only worry is the safety of players who are taking their money to gamble online. All games, especially those involving slots, keno, scratch cards or other jackpots, are tested rigorously before they can be added to a licensed site. Table games and video poker games are similarly tested and monitored.

Parliament hopes that their measures will encourage more transparency from online sites. They do not mind these sites targeting UK customers, but they want their people to gamble safely. By providing consumers with all the information, they hope people will make wise decisions about where to open online betting accounts.