Great Value of California Keno Tournament

During the first week of March every year, the residents of California are generally in a celebratory mood with some of the best Keno tournaments in the nation at Las Vegas. The Keno tournament is organized in Las Vegas on March 1, wherein events are held in 20 different places and all participants are given free meals and rooms after they buy-in their tickets with $500 either through credit card or cash.

The total prize money pool is at $10,000 and results are posted on an hourly basis at all centres. Every player will be given opportunity to play in 100 ways for less then quarter games. If you want to maximise your winning chances then check tournament rules before placing the bets.

Keno tournament in California

Games and rates

The players are given opportunity to buy to types of tickets namely regular and Island which have varying rates and varied tickets for specials like Aloha6 and Maui to bring more excitement into the tournament held at California Hotel and Casino every year. If you hold Island ticket then odds of winning is more though regular rate tickets are equally lucky.

You can try low stakes game of 8 spots at $1.6 on Island rate and 7s at 80 cents apiece so if get seven among eight you can win $2400. Even if you play low stakes $4 five spot you can win an exciting amount of $4000 though the odds are touch at 1551-1.

Winning and earning at Keno in Cal Tournament

All players have to bring a proof of their Social Security number to the venue as the wins are taxable though rooms and food is free. If you want to reduce the taxable amount by splitting the buy-in with another person then inform the organizers as soon as you win a jackpot for even splitting of taxes.

Prize money is divided among winners wherever there is a tie at the top place during tournament at California hotel and casino. According to regulations of the tournament players cannot play more than $10 each way in every game to make it fair for all players.