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The Whales in Baccarat

The Whales in Baccarat Did you ever read the classic American novel Moby Dick? This book by Herman Melville is read by college students around the world. The novel is about a crazy sea captain named Ahab. Ahab is dead set on chasing a white whale named Moby Dick around the world. Do you know […]

Is It a Casino or an Art Gallery?

London “supercasino” The Hippodrome has hired a digital artist to create a new atmosphere for casino-goers. Most people who only occasionally attend casinos have a stereotypical idea of what to expect: seedy areas with smoke and darkness or blinding lights, loud sounds and drunks. The Hippodrome Casino is looking to change that idea once and […]

Three Detroit Casinos Keeping Bankrupt City Afloat

The city of Detroit is relying on an unexpected business to keep them afloat. While the auto-industry used to be the main source of income for the struggling city, the three casinos located within the city limits are now necessary to keep city above financial floodwaters during bankruptcy proceedings. Within the bankruptcy filings it can […]

“La Partage” Is Rare In Casinos Around The Globe

Most roulette players know the difference between an American wheel and a European wheel. The American wheel has two green zeros while a European wheel only has one. This is the main difference. Once upon a time, there would be other rules that would coincide with a European wheel, which includes La Partage. First of […]