Busted for Cheating at Craps

Gambling is considered fair because it is governed by chance. No one is guaranteed to win. People use their best judgement to maximize their luck. Gambling is enjoyable when everyone plays by these rules. Unfortunately, people feel they are entitled to taking the element of chance out of their game. These folks are cheaters. Thankfully, cheaters often get caught. This is exactly what happened to man in New Jersey recently. He was busted for cheating at craps.

Derek Bethea caught cheating at the game of craps

The New Jersey man was named Derek Bethea. How did Bethea cheat? Did he use a pair of loaded dice? Was he in cahoots with the attendant at the game? Bethea didn’t use either of these methods. Bethea cheated by betting after the dice had been settled. Moving quickly, Bethea placed bets on the winning numbers once the winning numbers were rolled. No one noticed. He was able to collect his winnings and leave the casino.

The casino detained and charged him the next day. He tried this little scheme at two different locations. He was caught at both places. Bethea was charged with two counts of third-degree swindling and cheating at casino gaming and one count of the same charge in the fourth-degree. A jury found Bethea guilty of all charges. He could spend up to five years in prison for the convictions.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Bethea’s first experience in a court room and jail. Bethea has already served eight years in prison for similar charges. It seems he really didn’t learn his lesson. Some people really aren’t all that smart. They seem to think they can get away with plans that have already failed them. Hopefully, Bethea will learn his lesson in prison this time.