B.C.L.C. Considering Second Casino Near Downtown Victoria

Not only are casinos fun and offer a lot of entertainment to the players, they can also be a financial jackpot for the community and return extremely stable benefits. Not sure for which of the two reasons indeed, but B.C. Lottery Corporation is now thinking of having a second casino near Downtown Victoria. But if the West Shore politicians are to be believed, the region isn’t big enough to support two casinos. That is one of the major causes of their worry about placing the casino next to Downtown Victoria.


Finding the missing revenue


View Royal Mayor, David Screech said they are still bothered about the question that whether BCLC will find the missing revenue by opening this new place in the market, or will they be creating two mediocre facilities in an attempt to gain more. Whereas the BCLC spokesperson Laura said that it would not be in BCLC’s best interests to open a new facility in the area if there is no market to serve.

BCLC figures for revenue generated in the year 2014-15 show that as compared to the previous year, their collections have dropped from $70.4 million to $69.3 million. And now, BCLC has asked six communities, including Esquimalt, Victoria, Oak Bay, and a few others, if they would host a casino which will be smaller than View Royal’s. These host communities will be eligible to have 10 per cent of the casino’s net take.

About Great Canadian Casinos

According to Screech, the Great Canadian Casinos owns a permit for a $20 million expansion that would let them add a restaurant and theater to the location which will help attract the same type of entertainment that their casino in Richmond does. But in the end, he also added that the expansion plans are on a hold for now, until the question of a second casino starting in the area is settled.